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  • Energy Insights
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    Energy Insights

    As the energy market transitions, Energy Insights is here to guide you through.

    Written for energy industry professionals, Energy Insights looks beyond the hype and provides you with the content you need to understand the market dynamics and technological changes that are shaping the energy sector.

    Visit the blog here to view content and sign up for our monthly newsletter.

  • AusTorque
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  • Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA)
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    Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA)

    The Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA) is a not-for-profit Technical Society of Engineers Australia (EA), established to advance interest in the field of electric energy.

    The key objective of EESA is to provide a continuous professional development program to our members. Our members come from all fields within the electric energy industry.

    We deal with the generation, transmission, distribution, retail and customer use of electric energy.

  • Industrial Electrix
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    Industrial Electrix

    IE publishes practical, informative and highly valuable articles based on the actual applications and use of products and services used within the 415V – 36kV Industrial and Manufacturing industries.  Written by qualified professionals, their experience and proven reputation will provide readers with reliable solutions to everyday problems.